Rob Kardashian can't introduce his new girlfriend Alexis Skyy to his daughter for another six months.

The 31-year-old reality star has two-year-old daughter Dream with his former partner Blac Chyna, but thanks to an agreement in their custody case, the tot can't be introduced to any new partners within the first six months of dating, and so he won't be able to introduce her to his new beau Alexis just yet.

According to TMZ, the restriction is common in custody cases as it's supposed to protect children from developing attachments to their parents' partners, especially if the romances aren't going to last.

But the publication also reports that 30-year-old Chyna doesn't believe Alexis will ever get to meet Dream, as sources say the model is convinced ''Alexis and Rob are not actually into each other and are only publicly flirting to get under Chyna's skin.''

And although Chyna doesn't believe their love is real, 24-year-old Alexis recently claimed on social media that she's serious about her 'Keeping Up with the Kardashians' star beau.

Writing underneath one of her pictures, Kid Buu - who is dating Rob's ex Blac Chyna - wrote in a since-deleted comment: ''You really wit robs fat ass for love or is it just for clout? (sic)''

She criticised Kid Buu's relationship with Chyna, before replying: ''to answer your question...I love rob. (sic)''

Despite all the drama circulating him, Rob is also said to be in a ''good place''.

An insider said: ''He's in a good place right now. He's happy, he's getting healthier, and he's just really settled into his role as a parent. That's his priority and that's what's really giving him purpose right now ... Rob is not involved with filming 'Keeping Up With the Kardashians', he has no interest in that. His family would love to have him back on the show, but they of course support any decision he makes and they're just happy that he's finding his groove, being a dad and living a quiet life makes him happy. He sees his family all the time. He's rarely alone.''