The Rolling Stones headlined at Glastonbury on Saturday (29th June) but the viewing public were more interested in watching Bruce Willis' 1988 classic action film, Die Hard, according to The Daily Mail. 2.54 million tuned into the BBC to watch The Rolling Stones' performance whilst 2.78 million watched Bruce Willis punch, kick and shoot in Die Hard

Mick Jagger
Mick Jagger with Ronnie Wood in the background performing at Glastonbury.

The BBC sent over 300 staff members to the Glastonbury Festival, at the cost of £2 million, but more people tuned into watch Bruce Willis' Die Hard than Saturday's (29th June 2013) coverage. 

The Rolling Stones had a two hour slot which attracted a crowd of around 170000. The pyramid stage was adorned by a huge phoenix and whilst fireworks went off, even The Rolling Stones, leaving the stage, were shocked at the size of the audience they'd attracted.  

Keith RichardsKeith Richards performing at Glastonbury.

The band can finally tick Glastonbury off the list. Saturday marked the first time the group have appeared at the festival. Unfortunately the BBC's coverage wasn't to the viewing public's taste. The presenters have been criticised for their 'inane' comments and the constant, inescapable coverage has made everyone, except the 'die-hard' fans (excuse the pun), avoid the BBC completely. 

Regardless of the response to the televised coverage, The Rolling Stones have been praised for their performance. The Guardian and The Independent have given the band's gig 5 stars. In an interview with The Guardian, festival organiser Michael Eavis said "They finally did it, and it was fantastic. My God, did they deliver." He goes on to say the group were "the best ever headliners". Eavis should know, after all, he owns the farm which has seen some of the biggest names in music perform over the last 43 years. 

Also at the festival were Arctic Monkeys, Chase and Status, Example, Vampire Weekend, Elvis Costello. The festival closed on Sunday (30th June) with British folk band Mumford And Sons

Bruce Willis
Bruce Willis or The Rolling Stones? Bruce it is apparently!