Review of Slow Single by Rumer

Rumer has been a rumour for a while now. Pakistan-born Rumer took six years to finally be recognised by Atlantic Records; six years in which she performed various small gigs in tiny clubs in London. After her debut single 'Slow' was played as the Single of the Week on BBC Radio 2, she has now caught the attention of many.

Rumer Slow Single

Slow, as the name suggests, is a welcoming and relaxed treat for the ears. As the song begins with a single voice, with a twinkling harp in follow, you know exactly what you are expecting. The closest analogy to describe this song would be swimming in melting chocolate. There is nothing eccentric or bizarre about this. Rumer knows exactly how she wants to sound. With no artificial extras or heavy backing track, this single is completely stripped to the bare essentials of a voice and a few accompanying instruments. Thus, a very 'slow' effect is created, as Rumer seeks to 'slow it right down' in the dream-like chorus. One may argue however that the 'slow' effect of the song becomes quite sluggish by the end. Again, like a dream, the song never builds to anything and simply fades away. Whilst the harmony may be perfect for a lazy summers day, or a hotel lobby, whether it has mass appeal is something that is yet to be seen. Critical acclaim does not always necessarily equate to sales.

By her debut single, we know what we can expect from Rumer's debut album Seasons Of My Soul, planned to be released in the Autumn. Removing all hyperbole and melodramatics, one can lay back and relax to the sweet and mellifluous sound of Rumer, even if it may be too slow for some people's tastes.

4 stars (out of 5)

Nima Baniamer

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