Review of The Ultimate Collection Album by Sade

Sade release 'The Ultimate Collection' showcasing a chronological history of hit tracks and some previously unreleased material for the delight of many fans. It's clear listening to this two disc compilation how memorable their hits were and it's definite credit to the band to have created timeless sounding songs. Even the new tracks and more recent releases fit well into this album highlighting how uniquely they owned their sound.

Sade The Ultimate Collection Album

So how did an 80's pop band fit so well into the psyche of modern music culture that is still relevant and listenable, especially considering the 80's created such dated and throw away music? Well the magic formula clearly lies with the front lady Sade Adu who's smooth, sultry and heartfelt expression was the perfect voice for lyrics about emotional love, relationship and honesty. Combined with beauty and a truly strong feminine persona, she could melt any heart, be a fantasy to any man and be an inspiration to any women. The band worked perfectly to fit their ideal front women to create cross over songs that could touch anyone and were crafted in their uniquely soulful and jazzy way that has endured the test of time. It's no wonder they earned status as one of the greatest bands of all time and have sold 50 million units worldwide.

As you'd expect you'd get classic tracks on 'The Ultimate Collection' like their first release 'Your Love Is King' to start the album and tracks such as 'Smooth Operator', 'The Sweetest Taboo', 'Love Is Stronger Than Pride', 'No Ordinary Love', plus one of my personal favourites singles 'Kiss Of Life'. However I really appreciated hearing some of the more recent tracks from 2010's 'Solider Of Love' album on Disc 2 that really show how cutting edge this band are today. Certainly the new tracks 'Love is Found' and 'I Would Never Have Guessed' show both sounds to Sade that still deliver on both fronts and certainly demonstrate exceptional quality.

There is no denying Sade is an exceptional band with a history of classic hits that are certainly fitting to an illustrious music career. I have no doubt youngsters and students new to Sade could easily pick up Sade as a source of original inspiration and could be relevant to upcoming producers of the future. 'The Ultimate Collection' certainly does Sade proud and displays a range of emotion and lyrics that anyone going through the human experience can relate to. What's truly fitting is that Sade Adu has still 'got it' with oozing sex appeal and conscious heartfelt expression, she is indeed a gem in the history of British music. With a DVD included with this compilation anyone wanting to listen to Sade or wanting a slice of nostalgia 'The Ultimate Collection' is great collection to have. Classic!

Tareck Ghoneim

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