British actress Saffron Burrows had a musical dream come true at this year's (08) Sundance Film Festival in Utah when she opened for punk legend Patti Smith. The Troy star was at the film festival to promote new film The Bank Job when she was asked to honour a promise she made to indie band The Everyothers. She explains, "I made a film called The Guitar with (Robert Redford's director daughter) Amy Redford, and, within that there's a band. "There's this band, The Everyothers, from Brooklyn (New York), who came to Sundance and reminded me that I promised I'd play with them, so I had to go along for the ride. "We played a couple of tunes together and then Mos Def came on and sang some Fats Waller songs and then Patti Smith performed, so that's been my live experience so far - warming up for Patti Smith. Cool!"