Sarah Harding’s ordeal inside the ‘Celebrity Big Brother’ house is getting worse, with the former Girls Aloud star tearfully asking to speak to her agent in a Diary Room breakdown this week.

The 35 year old sought solace in the Diary Room on Wednesday night’s (August 16th) ‘CBB’ episode, after hearing chants from crowds outside the house demanding her eviction on top of learning that her housemates all think that her budding romance with fellow contestant Chad Johnson is fake.

“I feel like I've been lured into a lion's den,” Harding admitted as Big Brother denied her request to contact her agent. Of her arguments with her housemates, she said: “If I'm happy I'm shot down, if I'm sad, I'm shot down. I feel like I'm becoming more and more isolated.”

Sarah HardingSarah Harding has had a difficult time on 'CBB'

She’s had a pretty tough time of things on the Channel 5 reality show, becoming the focal point of attention inside the house as she argues with her housemates, and sometimes behaving bizarrely and under the influence of alcohol.

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Harding told fellow contestant Paul Danan, on being informed that Brandi had confronted Chad about their relationship: “I feel like I've been persecuted and branded a fake, so what's the point in me being here if everyone's hating on me? I don't want to be intimidated. I didn't come here for any drama, I feel like every thing I do I hit a brick wall, I wish people would give me a break.”

However, none of this seemed to get her any sympathy on social media from people watching back at home.

“Gave Sarah a chance but bored now with her manipulative behaviour and constantly playing the victim,” one viewer tweeted.

Similarly, another onlooker wrote “Sarah plays the victim card way too much. It's getting irritating now,” while another tweet said “Sarah is seriously p***ing me off. WTF did she expect, every1 2 be cheering for her? She's created this situation all by herself [sic].”

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