Seth Rogen's comedy This Is The End has received favourable reviews from critics. Released in U.S. cinemas today (28th June) it has already been moderately successful in the U.S 

Of the numerous critics who praised the fim, Peter Bradshaw of The Guardian said the film is "just one great big goofy joke". Those more critical have said the film, whilst amusing, is a collaboration of bodily functions, "grossness" and "middling". Put in even simpler terms the film embodies the crude humour in which Rogen thrives. 

This Is The End Mural
This Is The End has proved popular in America as this L.A. mural detailing some of the main actors shows.

It is not anything original or innovative, as Robin Collin of The Telegraph said, it is merely "a continuation of Rogen and his co-stars' established act". However, he goes on to point out when their type of comedy is so successful and popular is there any need to change it? 

Other critics have said the film is merely an excuse for these stars to make money, playing themselves and adding their own jokes into the plot. It's not sophisticated comedy but Seth Rogen's previous scripts and performances have hardly been Oscar winning. 

The premise of the movie is the end of the world, centring on celebrities' reactions at James Franco's L.A. party. Celebrities who make cameo appearances are, alongside Rogen, Emma Watson (Harry Potter); Michael Cera (Social Network); Channing Tatum (Magic Mike); Jay Baruchel (Tropic Thunder); Paul Rudd (Mike from Friends) and singer Rihanna.

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Empire magazine's Olly Richards sums up general attitudes towards the film: "this is a hell of a lot of fun". Bradshaw recommends viewers wait for DVD or download as it's amusing but not hilarious to waste money seeing it immediately on. Be warned this is not "a comedy classic" so except to laugh a lot but don't be too surprised if you leave the cinema somewhat disappointed. 

This Is The End is out in UK cinemas today (28th June 2013). 

James Franco and Seth Rogen
James Franco, pictured with his star on Hollywood Boulevard, and Seth Rogen. They both star in This Is The End.

Emma Watson
Harry Potter 
star Emma Watson, at the premiere of The Bling Ring, features in This Is The End