Seth Rogen believes there's still "a great distance to go" to resolve the Hollywood writers' strike.

The 41-year-old actor has claimed that film studios and streaming giants are unable to resolve their issues because they "hate each other".

Seth - who is an actor, writer and executive producer - told Sky News: "The studios haven't even spoken to each other, is what I've heard.

"So not only does it seem as though the writers and actors have a great distance to go when it comes to the studios, I think the studios have a great distance to go, probably a greater one, when it goes to them getting on the same page.

"These are people who hate each other. To think that Universal has the same priorities as Netflix is insane.

"What concerns me is that they will be completely unable to bring forth a coherent and unified proposal because of their own infighting and divergent priorities."

Earlier this year, meanwhile, Jessica Biel voiced her support for the writers' strike.

The 41-year-old actress revealed that she supports the strike action, describing the writers as the people who make the industry "go around".

She told PEOPLE: "They are the idea makers. They make this industry go around. We help their stories get told."

The movie star noted that the landscape of the industry is changing, amid the rise of artificial intelligence (AI).

Jessica - who is married to pop star Justin Timberlake - said: "Everything has changed so drastically with the platforms and the streamers and now, you know, the AI conversation and we support our writers immensely."

Jessica also stressed the need to protect the jobs of people who work behind the camera.

She said: "We support all of our guild and want everyone to be taken care of properly. So we're here for it. And that's it."