Paul McCartney has lent his considerable voice to the Voices Against Violence campaign, started by Tony Bennett, his son Danny and the Brady Campaign to prevent gun violence. "We the people need to make our voices heard on this issue," the elder Bennett said in a statement. "This is a job for the people, not the politicians."

Want to hear the message? You can do by texting "MYVOICE" to 877877. You’ll get an automated message from McCartney, after which you're connected to a U.S. senator's office. "Hi, this is Paul McCartney, and in a minute you will be connected to a congressperson who needs to hear your voice, now. Tell the congressperson that you support common-sense laws that keep guns out of the hands of the wrong people, including criminal background checks on all gun sales," he says. Smart, no? "Enough is enough. Please add your voice - and thank you for adding your voice to end gun violence." Alec Baldwin, Josh Groban, Rosie O'Donnell and Mia Farrow are other celebs to lend their voices to the initiative.

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Macca and Starr - best mates again?

Want some more McCartney news? Of course you flippin’ do. He was spotted going out for dinner with Ringo Starr – his former band mate – and their respective wives, Nancy Shevell and Barbara Bach. The pair have had a… let’s say ‘interesting’ relationship over the past decade. In an interview back in 2011, Ringo said of Paul: “We are as close as we want to be. We’re the only two remaining Beatles, although he likes to think he’s the only one.” Ouch. Wonder what they chatted about over their posh nosh?