Snoop Dogg is said to have “abruptly” pulled out of his role fronting a premium canned coffee brand after his team spent four months investigating the business’ management.

The rapper, 51, partnered with Indonesian businessman Michael Riady on INDOxyz earlier this year, but has reportedly quietly stepped away at the start of the summer.

An insider told Page Six the cannabis connoisseur quit after the brand’s president, Elbert Song, alerted the board to alleged issues involving Michael’s management.

Another source told the outlet Snoop got his legal team involved to investigate the allegations, adding: “It took 16 days to do their investigation… Snoop and his team left the company, dropping all ownership and stake in the company… and they did not offer a reason.”

Snoop launched the premium coffee, which offered espresso martinis in a can, in March with a flashy campaign featuring him as the face of the line.

The name of the coffee was even inspired by a lyric from his 1993 song ‘Gin and Juice’ and Snoop promised to change the coffee industry when it launched, connecting his passion for coffee to his music.

Elbert has also quit the firm, telling Page Six: “Working with Snoop and his incredible team on the launch of Indo was an amazing experience.

“I’m disappointed to see that journey end, but am excited to support a new venture, Flowin Coffee with female founder Tamie Tran.”

Page Six added Michael is said to have told pals his split from Snoop was about a disagreement over music.

A source said: “He’s been saying Snoop left because they disagreed on music for marketing.”