Finally, after weeks and weeks of anticipation, Cannes kicked off yesterday and European audiences got to enjoy enormously hyped up films like Baz Luhrmann’s Gatsby and, of course, Sofia Coppola’s The Bling Ring. Naturally, it being a film about greedy, self-obsessed teenagers, the critics couldn’t wait to sink their teeth into it, mostly blasting the flick with the usual objection – that much like its protagonists, The Bling Ring is pretty, but shallow. And yes, Emma Watson’s American accent (which sounded pretty decent to us) hasn’t been spared any of the heat either. One rather unexpected critic, however, has been Alexis Neiers – an actual member of the LA Burglar Bunch, the Bling Ring or whatever the group is being called lately. Neiers recently blasted the film on Twitter (where else?) calling it trashy and inaccurate.

And what was Coppola’s response? It might very well be both, but the woman never set out to make a documentary. Whether because of that statement, or just for publicity reasons, Neiers seems to have cooled down since and recently tweeted at Emma Watson to “break a leg” in Cannes and that there were “no hard feelings”.

As for the luck in Cannes, early reviews point that once again, a Sofia Coppola film will have critics divided. It’s pretty and entertaining, but lacks the poignant social commentary that people seemed to expect. We’d venture to say that the film should still be immensely entertaining though, so you might want to get yourself to a theatre, before the spoilers start flooding the internet.