When 13.06.2013

Sofia Coppola (writer and director of teen crime flick 'The Bling Ring'), star Emma Watson and producer Youree Henley discuss the upcoming movie, due out everywhere on June 21st 2013, in a short featurette.

'I've tried to tell the story from the kid's point of view', says Sofia, while usually good-as-gold Emma Watson admitted the character was a bit of challenge: 'All of my usual fashion rules went out the window', she says. 'Visible cleavage, very short skirts.' Youree had a deeper feeling about the events shown in 'The Bling Ring' which actually took place between 2008 and 2009 in LA. 'They wanted to be these people', he explains. 'They just wanted to hang out as if it was their house, not to necessarily steal stuff. That was just part of it.'


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