In a scene not dissimilar to the movie Fanboys, a group of Star Wars and Dr Who fans were involved in a brawl outside a sci-fi convention in Norwich (which as we all know is a hotbed for loutish behaviour) at the weekend. The conflict got so heated that police were forced to intervene and break up the dispute.
The scene became weird after members of the Norwich Sci Fi Club were refused entry to an event being held by the Norwich Star Wars Club. More than a dozen fans from both the Star Wars and Dr Who clan were caught up in the punch-up, including several that were in fancy dress, outside the venue at the University of East Anglia shortly after 2.30pm on Sunday (May 12). It is unknown why this story didn't become widespread until now.
The hilariously bizarre series of events were triggered when Jim Poole, treasurer of Norwich Sci Fi Club, was asked to leave the convention when he approached Doctor Who actor Graham Cole for an autograph. Poole was then involved in a stand-off with the event organiser Richard Walker, 63, with the two eventually taking their dispute outside, where they were joined by others. The row intensified and got violent and was only brought to an end when police and university security officers were called to defuse the situation.
When questioned by police, both sides admitted that there had been a long-running rivalry between the groups and the events they organise. The two groups were spoken to individually by police and told to keep out of each others way in future. In spite of the events, Mr Walker hailed it as "a very successful day," promising, "we will be back next year with an even bigger and better fair."

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