Bringing in some brilliant early reviews, it looks like 'IT' is going to be one of the best-received Stephen King adaptations of all-time, and certainly of the past few years. After the horror that 'The Dark Tower' seemed to be with critics, the apparently fantastic representation of King's work couldn't have come at a better time.

Stephen King can't stop praising the new 'IT' movieStephen King can't stop praising the new 'IT' movie

Based on the novel of the same name, 'IT' tells the story of a group of youngsters who live in Derry, Maine, where a slew of murders throughout history have been committed by a mysterious entity who takes the form of the villainous clown, Pennywise. Played by Bill Skarsgard in this adaptation, Pennywise first worked his way into the nightmares of viewers in a miniseries back in 1990, where Tim Curry took the reins. Now though he looks more frightening than ever before.

Andy Muschetti is the director brave enough to bring 'IT' to fans once more, and whilst he was obviously given a huge challenge in bringing over 1,100 pages of a novel to movie theatres, he seems to have done a good job. Even that which he had changed from the original story seemed to go down well with King.

Speaking with Deadline in a new interview, the director explained how King had personally approved all of the plot changes he had made in his adaptation: "I sent him a handwritten letter, asking for forgiveness, for all the creative license I had taken. He saw the movie and his reaction was immediate. He wrote me an email expressing how much he had liked it and that I shouldn’t worry because all the changes were approved."

It's great to hear how close a relationship Muschetti and King had whilst the former was working on the movie. Though they weren't mulling things over with a glass of wine by their side, it's nice to know that they were thinking about each other when the film was being made. It's even nicer to hear that King couldn't be happier with the changes that have been made to his novel.

Coupling that with King's recent comments of how he wasn't "prepared" for how good the film is, and you have to come to the conclusion that this is as good an adaptation of 'IT' as there ever could be. Box office numbers could be mighty high for this horror flick...

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'IT' hits cinemas across the UK and US on Friday, September 8.