Review of St Petersburg Single by Supergrass


Supergrass - St Petersburg - Single Review

Supergrass - St Petersburg - Single Review

St Petersburg

Yay they’re back! And it’s with this more relaxed vibe, which is a change from previous singles such as “Richard III” and “Alrite”.

This song has a much more mature feel to it and just shows how far the guys from Oxford have come, more than a decade ago!

The new track is “ St Petersburg”, released on August 8 th, will be taken from the new album “Road to Rouen”, released on August 15 th. It has a mellower feel to it and is based around light drumming and piano with soft vocals from Gaz Coombes.

I really like this song; however I think I’m going to miss their attitude!!

I think that with this song, they’ve finally moved on and have lost their cheeky image and have decided to concentrate on the music more seriously!! I mean the song is about moving on and getting out of town!

This track has the deeper side to Supergrass, with the instrumental in the middle of the song.

It is definitely worth checking out!!

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Candice Finney