This year’s Country Music Association Awards (CMAs) saw some light-hearted dissing at the expense of country-turned-pop star Taylor Swift.

Taylor Swift CMA diss
Taylor Swift was dissed at the CMAs on Wednesday evening

Hosted for the seventh consecutive year by Brad Paisley and Carrie Underwood, the duo’s opening monologue featured a couple of zingers directed at the 24 year old megastar.

Firstly, they discussed “Postpartum Taylor Swift Disorder” in a song they penned, referencing how the country music world is dealing with Swift’s musical departure in favour of full-on pop with her new Number 1 album 1989, even reckoning that it was the reason why the Democrats lost the mid-terms!

Some of the song’s lyrics went "Who's going to fill her shoes? Who's going to stand that tall? Who's going to be country and poppy and sing a song called 'Tim McGraw?'", before ending with “Country music’s just going to have to shake it off”, name-checking its hit single.

The joke went down very well with the crowd, and Paisley and Underwood went on to discuss the reaction to Ebola, singing a version of Dolly Parton’s ‘Jolene’ entitled ‘Quarantine’, referencing a Maine nurse’s decision to bike-riding while undergoing a self-imposed quarantine order. Finally, they refencing Underwood’s pregnancy, with Paisley slyly reckoning that he knew the sex of the unborn baby.

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As for the actual winners on the night, Miranda Lambert emerged with big victories as predicted. Her album Platinum scooped the award for Best Album, and her single ‘Automatic’ won Best Single.

Accepting the award, she stated: "I really poured my heart and soul into this one more than ever. I turned thirty last year and felt I needed to sing about new stuff.” Kacey Musgraves and new group Florida Georgia Line also won awards at the ceremony, held at the Bridgestone Arena in Nashville, Tennessee.

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