Taylor Swift sent a letter and gifts to a young fan who thanked her local mailman for his work during the coronavirus pandemic.

Emerson Weber, 11, recently made headlines with her touching note to mailman Doug, and she went on to talk about the importance of ''writing letters''.

Taking to Twitter, her father Hugh revealed her story had caught the eye of the 'I Knew You Were Trouble' hitmaker, who sent a package of her own to show her gratitude.

In a lengthy series of posts, he wrote: ''I'll be honest. We didn't think too much about it. There have been so many letters this week that the most unlikely scenario didn't even occur to us.

''I cut the box open while we sorted through some other mail. And, then Em pulled back the packing materials to reveal a bubble wrapped gift.

''On it, we saw a tag that simply said, 'To Em. From Tay.' Talk about breathless. I'll admit. Our brains broke for a minute. We put the gift and the packaging back in the box. And, waited an hour.

''No joke. Sometimes, you need to calm down. After a deep breath, we all sat down on the living room floor and opened the box.''

Inside the package was a gift wrapped box, which included signed merchandise, ''letting writing tools'' and t-shirts - and an envelope.

He continued: ''Hand painted. With Gems. A wax seal - TAS. And, 'GLitter glued with TSwift's personal glitter glue,' according to Emerson.

''Then, came the letter. Oh dear lord, this letter. All four of us - including Finn - sat quietly & hung on every word as Emerson read the letter aloud.

''Most of the letter is personal and between Em & Taylor. But a couple of details just for you...''

Taylor told the young girl was ''touched'' and ''honoured'' to her Emerson reference her music in her letters, and said the story showed ''an innate sense of empathy, a curiosity about the feelings of strangers, and the drive to try to brighten someone's day''.

The 30-year-old singer added: ''The bag I sent along with this letter contains one of my favorite letter writing tools -- wax seals to seal envelopes...

''I'm sorry they look messy. I couldn't get new ones in time so I sent you mine. (sic)''

She also included some touching advice, telling Emerson to ''find time to create & daydream'', adding that ''no one expects you to be perfect... you've already set a really cool example and I'm proud of you.''