Taylor Swift regrets missing out countries such as Portugal on her previous tours and admitted she won't make the same mistake again.

The 34-year-old pop star performed in the country for the first time over the weekend when she took her 'The Eras' tour to Lisbon on Friday (24.05.24) and Saturday (25.05.24) and she admitted she felt bad about failing to include the country on her previous treks.

During the Friday night show, Taylor told the audience at Estádio da Luz: " When I first walked out on this stage, when I first appeared at the beginning of the show, and I looked out and saw this crowd, you took my breath away.

"My heart was beating so fast. You just made me feel so lucky to be here with you tonight. Thank you so much for coming to this show."

She went on to add: "One of my favourite things about 'The Eras Tour' is that, for me, it feels like going back through all of my favourite memories of getting to play shows for the last nearly 20 years of my life because we’ve gone on tour for almost every album I’ve ever put out.

"My big regret was that we didn’t get to take all of those tours to all of the places where I wanted to take them. And we absolutely should have come to Portugal on every single tour. This is not a mistake I will ever be making again. We are always going to come to Lisbon."

After wrapping up the pair of gigs, Taylor later took to social media to express her gratitude to the Portuguese fans, writing: "It’s official, I left my [heart] in Lisbon.

"My first time in Portugal and you all made me feel like I was right at home. I’ll seriously never forget the way you treated us, the overwhelming love and passion and hands in the air and dancing and how you screamed every lyric!! Muito obrigada [thank you very much]."