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My Bloody Underground
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Brian Jonestown Massacre  Album

Brian Jonestown Massacre are one of those cult bands whom the indie kids like to name-drop - determinedly lo-fi, experimental and often somewhat odd (a little to the left of The Dandy Warhols or The Lilys), BMJ can seem wilfully anti-mainstream. The band's influences, led by guitarist and singer Anton Newcombe, are heavily drawn from the psychedelic 60s Stones, although the Jesus and Mary Chain shoegazey genre is a more recent introduction. Your reaction to a simple reading of some of the song titles on this 13th album should provide a strong indication of whether it's for you, or not: Bring Me The Head Of Paul McCartney On Heather Mill's Wooden Peg (Dropping Bombs on The White House) is one of the more printable... Recorded in Liverpool and Rejkjavik with BMJ members, Icelandic musicians and Mark Gardener of Ride, My Bloody Underground sounds at first like a great band in concert in the room next to the one you're in - the haze that surrounds the music, however, doesn't obscure lovely Madchester-y dirges and hypnotic rhythm, gentle piano instrumental and a kind of Eastern Dinosaur Jr grunge-punk aesthetic. In other words, this is a wild ride through a wild imagination. It may not be ready for the mainstream (and making albums available for free download via the band's website isn't a terribly commercial idea), but Brian Jonestown Massacre make music that matters.

Rating 8/10

Mike Rea

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