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The Dead 60's
Stand Up
Single Review

The Dead 60s Stand Up Single

Liverpool's music scene will always be remembered for being the place that birthed The Beatles; it's hard to imagine anyone else coming along and taking that stature from them. When you take for instance The Beatles music and you compare it to modern efforts, say for example The Dead 60's, lots of things have changed. Obviously there is no real comparison; how can a band that's been together for four years be compared to a band who have been around for almost ten times that? It's silly really but my point is (I do have a point) rock music has changed so very much.

Both bands have very many differences, maybe even too many but one of their really few similarities is that they are both pretty special, in their own ways; both bands overflowing with innovation, character and potential, evident in their music.

The Dead 60's are exceptional in their own right and 'Stand Up' is clearly testament to that. This band could be the next big thing to come out of Liverpool, and could make a prominent mark on the British Indie scene. A good song indicating the sizeable potential this band has at their discretion.


Daniel Black

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