Review of Horehound Album by The Dead Weather

Review of The Dead Weather's album Horehound.

The Dead Weather Horehound Album

If nothing else Jack White could never be accused of being lazy, with this being his third band project alongside The White Stripes and The Raconteurs. This time he is working with members of the latter of those bands, as well as personnel from The Kills and Queens Of The Stone Age.

With a combined back catalogue that contains many a fine rock anthem, perhaps it is no surprise that the results of The Dead Weather lay away from the style of the 'day jobs', for 'Horehound' is much the sound of a band enjoying playing for themselves than crafting radio hits. This is no more evident than nine tracks in on '3 Birds', an unpredictable and psychedelic instrumental that conveys an appreciation of one another's musicianship, and that adds another variation to what is a varied offering. '60 Feet Tall' dabbles with blues, ska and reggae appear on 'I Cut Like A Buffalo', while 'Treat me Like Your Mother' crashes in on a heavy funk riff and has an undeniable bounce and enthusiasm. Where the record does fall short is that these tracks, and many of the others such as closer 'Will There Be Enough Water', make the listener almost feel like an outsider to the satisfaction that the foursome get from their output. There are certainly qualities to be appreciated, but it's far form a wave of sonic euphoria.

Alex Lai

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