Review of Nothing Means Everything Album by The Dykeenies

Nothing Means Everything
Album Review

Glaswegian quintet the Dykeenies have been gaining some moderate hype from the music press for their lively gigs and catchy singles, and now they emerge with debut L.P. Nothing Means Everything.

As it goes, it's not a bad record, the synth-rock workouts on display here are competent enough, but there are too few memorable moments to make this worth your while.

'The Panic', 'Waiting For Go' and 'In and Out' are perfectly fine slices of Killers-style driving rock, even if they have more in common with some of their middling album tracks than their barnstorming singles. Elsewhere, 'Stitches' and 'Clean Up Your Eyes' make up numbers as rather dull pre-requisite ballads.

That said, there is evidence of a more pioneering spirit on occasion; 'Pick You Up' and 'Feels Like Sleep' are adept stabs at Delays style dance rock, which are slightly tainted by overwrought Panic! At The Disco style vocals, but are admirable in their scope nonetheless.

The Dykeenies Nothing Means Everything Album

Dykeenies are a band with enough potential to be considered contenders in the future, but this album isn't distinctive enough to separate them from the crowd.

Ben Davis

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