The Hives - Nicholaus Arson Interview - Contactmusic Qs

27 July 2004

The Hives
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The Hives - Nicholaus Arson Interview - Contactmusic Qs

Contactmusic hooked up with Sweden's best dressed band. To find out what makes their new record Tyrannosaurus Hives buzz.

Q1. Your new album Tyrannosaurus Hives can be described as rawer and defying the commercial sound that many thought your debut album for a major label would provide. Do you agree with this assessment?

Nicholaus Arson - Yeah some people hear it that way. Others think that it is more polished than previously and thats really what we
were going for. We wanted it to be cleaner but still sound dangerous in a way. When we started recording though we missed some of the energy that was in the old dirtier sound so we kind of combined the two leaning more though in our opinion to the cleaner more machinelike sound that we were striving for initially.

And did you take time before heading into the studio to record your new album to reflect on the deserved success of 'Your Favorite New Band'? What in your mind is the major difference between the two releases?

The Hives - Nicholaus Arson Interview - Contactmusic Qs
The Hives - Nicholaus Arson Interview - Contactmusic Qs

Nicholaus Arson - We always take a lot of time yes before we start recording anything. We are planners you know. We also want the recording to be fairly short so you can upkeep some sort of vibe while recording.

Since YNFB is a compilation of our previous stuff taken from three different records I cant really compare it to the new one as a homogenous record.

Q2. What made you decide to sign to A & M, Interscope, Geffen Records? Has this label just left you alone and not interfered with your music or has it offered some suggestions and given you advice about your musical direction?

Nicholaus Arson - We had to have a new record deal to have control over our own music since we didnt like what our old label were doing with it. The new label leaves us alone and we simply just give them the finished record with music and cover and all other artwork as well. We like to be left alone when making records.

Q3. You have been renowned for your bold and daring dress sense. What will The Hives be wearing this summer and winter and how would you like to see your fans decked out at gigs?

Nicholaus Arson - We are sporting the following: Black slacks and shirts, white jackets, gambler ties and spats. Fans can wear whatever they want, but black and white always looks out of sight.

Q4. In 2001 you played over 250 live shows in promotion of your third album 'Your new favorite band'? Do you think that incessant touring is the best way to drive The Hives message home? Will you be adopting the same practice to promote your new album ' Tyrannosaurus Hives'? How do you cope with fatigue?

Nicholaus Arson - Yeah we will tour a lot I think. We like touring. The fatigue is only a feeling and can hence be suppressed.

Q5. With yourselves, The Datsuns and The D4 having been back in the studio over the past year or so, bands such as Keane, Maroon5, The Kings Of Leon and The Darkness are being more hyped up then Muhammad Ali over here. Do you think this nation relies too much on tastemakers?

Nicholaus Arson - No not at all simple friend, the press in your country is not only level headed and truthful. It is also fair and precise.

Q6. What are your current musical influences?

Nicholaus Arson - Naming one is missing out on a thousand but Ill give you some anyway. Debbie Deb, Flash and the pan, Kraftwerk, Devo, The new bomb turks, The Oblivians-Compulsive Gamblers-Reigning Sound, Mitch Ryder, Screamin’ Jay Hawkins, Little Richard, K.S.M.B. The Rolling Stones, Elvis… I could go on for ever but I wont.

Q7. How important is chart success to a band like The Hives? What do you think needs to be done in order to restore some integrity into the UK (and US) chart, if anything?

Nicholaus Arson - Very important. We always want to be number one and in order to be number one you have to have a list. Whatever lists where we arent number one though arent interesting at all.

Integrity in charts can only be achieved though by getting more good bands in there and less crap in there. Simple really.

Q8. What song, book or poem would you say sums you up (as a group or individually)?

Nicholaus Arson - Simply The Best and the Guinness Book Of Records.

Q9. Describe the songwriting process for The Hives, how does an idea develop and does it take long for a song to come to together. Hate To Say I told You So is a garage punk anthem - did you expect it to become so popular and what is the story behind it?

Nicholaus Arson - Randy Fitzsimmons/TheHives/rehearse/time/songs/pretty good/better/very good/fucking excellent/amazing etc and so on…

Hate To Say I Told You So popular yes. Didnt think people had such good taste so little bit of a surprise. Story behind it is described in detail in the sentence before the previous one.

Q10. Who or what makes you angry aside from annoying interview questions?

Nicholaus Arson - Ill underline your question and add crappy music.


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