Review of Amiss Single by The Long Lost

Review of The Long Lost's single 'Amis' released through Ninja Tune.

The Long Lost Amiss Single

The Long Lost, a husband/wife duo with a musical relationship to boot. Can't be bad. Particularly if the husband is electronic producer Daedelus. Not to play Laura Darlington, the wife, down. She's got the voice of a child trapped in a grown-ups body,
Freaky Friday style. She's worked with Sa Ra and Flying Lotus. This is new single 'Amiss'.

Lounge Jazz keys open 'Amiss' before breaking down into a soft guitar harmony. The vocal from Laura are soft and carefree, self-conscious accompaniment to the rhythmic chattering and vocals samples running along side. Nice work. I mean this kinda sound has been done.but seldom done this well.

Up next is the Tunng remix. Tunng, Britian's finest experimental folk band, known for utilising unusual instruments and methods to get results. These guys have stripped 'Amiss' down to what you can imagine the song sounded like before Daedelus got his grubby hands on it. Its retained the same feel as the original, yet taken it on brief tangents with looping and a great use of time.

Computer Jay's Syntax Error sounds like someone using a dial up modem with a Sinclair Spectrum Z-X. Infact that actually makes it sound better than it is. Short attention span electronic foolery at least a decade too late.

Finks remix is, well abit poor. Typically shoegazey. Not at all inventive. I cant really decide whether this is worse than Computer Jay's Syntax effort or not.Either way, first two tracks are gems. Last two.are not.

Thom Holmes

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