Marge Simpson has finally got her moment. After years of living as Springfield’s most dependable blue-haired mom, Homer’s often down-trodden better half has been thrust out into the spotlight as the new face of MAC cosmetics.

Marge SimpsonMarge Simpson: The new face of MAC cosmetics

As Mrs Simpson fronts this new range of lip glosses, false eye lashes and brightly coloured eye shadows, it’s not unreasonable to look through sketching history and wonder if there aren’t some other animation mums that have been somewhat taken for granted.

To right this wrong, here are our top five cartoon matriarchs.

Marge Simpson, obviously

Landing the gig as the face of MAC cosmetics aside, Marge Simpson is one made-up-mother that should never be overlooked.

She’s the Simpson voice (or grumble) of reason and the glue that holds Homer’s near-murderous rages towards hell-raiser Bart, Lisa’s snobby intelligence and Maggie’s inability to say one single word together.

But she’s not just a one-woman bake-sale cake-making machine because when she gets that look of love, men all over the world would give anything to be her Homey.

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Wilma Flintstone

What is there to say except she’s Wilma Flintstone?

Saddled with the beyond Neolithic caveman that is Fred, any partner would look like superwoman but to do so while continuously upstaging the delightful Betty Rubble and looking ever-so glamourous in a white, off the shoulder dress that surely only few mothers could ever pull off is simply fantastic.

Helen Parr a.k.a Elastigirl

As a former superhero forced underground after negative media coverage, The Incredibles’ Elastigirl became an excellent mother.

Struggling to keep the family’s new ‘normal’ identity under wraps, all the while dealing with her husband’s feelings of inadequacy and her children’s desire to show off what they can do, Helen Parr was a woman with a lot on her plate.

And when her preoccupied husband got into superhero trouble after running off with stick thing Mirage to fulfil his youthful dream of being important: what does she do? She goes and kicks some ass, that’s what.

And man does she look hot in Edna’s new suit.

Lois GriffinLois is delighted to be in the 5, it would seem

Lois Griffin

Ok so she’s a terrible mother with a toddler who regularly plots her death and a daughter whom she despises but it cannot be denied that Lois Griffin has a certain je nai sais quoi.

Attracted to all kinds of people including women, former Presidents and some of her daughter’s male and female classmates, Lois has a sexuality that simply cannot be hidden underneath the dowdy trousers and shirt she wears.

Let’s just hope that Stewie fails in his Kill Lois quest and she doesn’t let herself go if she finally does succumb to Brian’s charms.

Mrs Potts from Beauty and the Beast

A lovely lady who was unfortunately transformed into a big, round teapot as a result of her stubborn master.

Motherly and helpful, she does her best to make Belle feel right at home in the house of horror with the evil Beast upstairs and she’s a wonderful Ma to her little cup, Chip.

But look closer at those rosy cheeks and try to deny that this little teapot doesn’t have a sultry spring in her step.