The Simpsons is still going strong after more than a quarter of a century, but with the threat of it growing stale (again) becoming an ever-likely possibility as the show enters season 26, the writers need to come up with something fresh to keep viewers coming back. After killing off Maude Flanders in season 11, and Homer's Vegas wife in season 16, and five other minor characters throughout the series, the Grim Reaper will be back in Springfield once again, but for who?

The Simpsons
Jean wouldn't give much away

Al Jean revealed the morbid plans to The Hollywood Reporter this week, but refused to reveal which character the show's writers were thinking of getting rid of. He told THR, "We are doing this story for the same reason we do all others -- we think it has a good emotional through line...The story will be produced this year though it may air in season 26."

Jean didn't give much more away other than this, but did reveal that the character was voiced by an Emmy winner, which cuts down the odds somewhat, but still leaves the bidding wide open. This was his only clue though, and when quizzed further, as to whether the killing will lead to a 'Who Shot Mr Burns' two-parter, he would only say that he hopes that the episode would draw in "Breaking Bad-type numbers."

So who could it be?! Three of the show's main voice actors have won Emmy awards for their part on the show; Dan Castellaneta, Hank Azaria and Kelsey Grammer. Could season 26 be the season when Sideshow Bob's (Grammer) harebrained schemes finally get the better of him and he pays the ultimate price. Castellaneta and Azaria on the other hand voice a host of different characters, and it could be any one of them.

For Castellaneta, maybe Grandpa Simpson finally feels the cold embrace of death, or maybe it'll just be his hand on his shoulder again. Perhaps Mayor Quimby's scandals and corruption will finally get the better of him, or maybe Krusty's bad heart will finally give out. One thing is for sure, it (probably) won't be Homer. It could be, but it probably won't.

As for Azaria, any one of his characters could meet their grizzly end; Comic Book Guy could finally succumb to his massive girth, which would no doubt make for the best. Death. Ever! Perhaps Apu will finally be on the receiving end of a fatal bulet, or it might even be Snake on the end of the bullet (and Apu is the killer!). Perhaps Chief Wiggum's ineptitude will at last get the best of him, or Moe will finally kill himself. He has been threatening to do it for a while now.

For now all we can do is wait though. The show will air on Fox in mid-2014. Let us know who you think will kick the bucket in the comments section below. The Sun News first reported the story.

Al Jean
Al Jean you big tease why did you do this to us!?