Chris Sheehan is raising money to release one last album despite suffering from an incurable form of cancer.

The musician was formerly a member of The Sisters Of Mercy from 1996 after disbanding his own band, The Starlings, which released three studio albums. He himself later released two solo albums, 'Planet Painkiller' and 'Sounds Like...', in 2000 and 2002 respectively. He now wishes to make one last stab at a new album and is asking fans to raise 5,000 euros on the website so that he can purchase a decent laptop and software to record material. 'I can't justify any of my limited income to be spent on my own non-profit activities', he explains on the site, before revealing that he is living with Stage 4 metastatic nodular melanoma for which he is only receiving clinical trials and palliative care.

So far the campaign has managed to raise 865 euros for the cause and Chris has revealed, 'If you help thanks you will get links to any finished music', and that, 'The music will be available as free mp3s regardless.' He also uploaded a photo of several nasty looking scars on the side of his body as proof of his illness while adding that there are more on his back.