It's official: Michael Cudlitz will be making his return to 'The Walking Dead'. Instead of bringing Abraham back from his grave however, the actor will be working behind the camera, directing the seventh episode of the show's upcoming ninth season. This isn't something a former actor has ever done before, which means Cudlitz is making series history, although 'Fear The Walking Dead' alum Colman Domingo will follow in his footsteps, directing the 12th episode of that show's fourth season.

Michael Cudlitz will direct an episode of 'The Walking Dead' season 9Michael Cudlitz will direct an episode of 'The Walking Dead' season 9

Cudlitz made an incredible impression during his time on 'The Walking Dead', with the actor really making the role of Sergeant Abraham Ford his own. When we first met him, he had a mission to bring Eugene Porter (Josh McDermitt) to Washington D.C., as he claimed he had access to a cure for the zombie outbreak. Unfortunately, Eugene was revealed to be a liar, making those claims simply so he could be protected at all times.

Abraham then met his maker not because of a zombie bite, but because of his standing up to the villainous Negan (Jeffrey Dean Morgan), which resulted in him having his head caved in with a barbed wire baseball bat. It was a grim scene, and one which also saw Glenn (Steven Yeun) exit the series.

Having been such an integral part of 'The Walking Dead', it's going to be exciting to see just what Cudlitz brings to the show from behind the camera. We can't wait to indulge.

New 'Walking Dead' showrunner Angela Kang is clearly enjoying her role on the show, and will also be bringing Jon Bernthal back to proceedings for a single episode of the new season. With Bernthal, he WILL reprise his role of Shane Walsh despite being killed off in the series' earliest days, so it's going to be interesting to see just how he will be woven into the new season's storylines.

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'The Walking Dead' season 9 is expected to debut on AMC in the US and FOX in the UK at some point in October 2018.