'The Walking Dead' has left us feeling a little silly with the mid-season 6 premiere 'No Way Out'. We were feeling pretty tense after the 4-minute clip released prior to the showing which saw Abraham, Sasha and Daryl confronted by some armed bandits, but we can finally breathe a sigh of relief having seen that moment's unlikely resolution.

Norman Reedus in The Walking DeadDaryl saves the day in 'The Walking Dead' mid-season 6 premiere

If you didn't see the clip, here's a quick recap. Daryl (Norman Reedus), Abraham (Michael Cudlitz) and Sasha (Sonequa Martin-Green) are on their way to Alexandria when a bunch of bikers known as The Saviors intercept them and demand they hand over their weapons - and, indeed, any other supplies they may have - claiming that everything now belongs to the mysterious Negan. They truly looked defeated but, as usual, Daryl had some tricks up his sleeve.

Their escape relied on The Saviors making the mistake of having one of them lead Daryl to the trunk of their vehicle to search for equipment, an opportunity which Daryl took to kill his usher, retrieve his best weapon and blow the thieves up. Phew.

Obviously, that isn't the last problem these nomads are going to face in this episode.

Rick (Andrew Lincoln) and the others seemed trapped at the finally breached Alexandria, but they decide to attempt an escape again with their gross walker disguises and a newborn baby in tow. However, it's soon decided that Father Gabriel (Seth Gilliam) should hide out with the baby until the others can pick up their vehicles. It isn't long before young Sam gives the game away though and gets eaten along with Jessie (Alexandra Breckenridge). And then Carl (Chandler Riggs) gets shot in the eye by Ron (who was aiming for Rick) so Rick's feeling pretty much at his worst by now.

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It looks like Carl will survive though, and it actually ends on a positive note with every single surviving man and woman joining the fight to slay the horde of zombies; a fight which they have no choice but to take up given that running is no longer an option. So, for once, we've not been left with a heartstopping cliffhanger.

We dread to think what next week's episode, 'The Next World', will bring us.