Alex Billington took some time out his full time job of bragging about the fact he'd seen Gravity twice to take the law into his own hands against some shocking perpetrators. What could possibly have happened to make Billington not only summon the cinema's staff but also go as far as calling the police to report the bloodcurdling crime scene that was unfolding before him the Toronto International Film Festival showing of horror movie The Sacrament?

Ti West
It Was During Ti West's Movie The Sacrament That The Blogger Called The Police.

Stating that "drastic measures were called for," Billington phoned the police after he observed other bloggers and journalists using their phones during the screening, according to the AP. His first port of call was the movie theater's managers but when told that "nothing could be done," the irate blogger (ironically) whipped out his own phone and called 911. He said that the emergency dispatcher laughed at his complaint which made him (ironically) take to Twitter and call out the crimes of the other cinemagoers to his followers.

Billington refutes the idea that he was peeved merely because there were plenty of people texting, tweeting and emailing at a screening where phone use was permitted. He says that his main gripe was with those who he suspected were pirating the film by filming it with their phones.

Some have congratulated Billington on his confrontation on what many perceive to be a troubling modern cinema issue, however many have branded the New York writer as an attention seeker or a time waster despite no cops being dispatched to the scene. He has tried to divert his critics' attention to the wider issues, tweeting "My mistake is my own lesson to learn. I contacted staff first for piracy, they did nothing. Attention should be on the policy, bigger issue."

Screened yesterday for press and industry (9th September), The Sacrament is a Ti West horror movie (The Innkeepers) comprised of mock amateur footage and revolves around a pair of journalists who try to help track down their photographer pal's sister. They soon find themselves on the run after they locate the woman - in the midst of a cult preparing for mass suicide.