Tinchy Stryder loves returning to Ghana as he can be "normal" there.

The rapper was brought up in London, England, but enjoys going to visit his relatives back in African because everyone always seems to be happy.

He said: "I'm from Ghana in west Africa and it's such a fun place - everyone's happy and having fun and it's quite colourful.

"I haven't been for ages but I went back last year to see my family and perform, which was amazing.

"Some people know who I am there and some don't so it's quite grounding to go somewhere where people just treat you normally."

The 24-year-old rapper also spoke of his love of Turkish food - but admits nothing compares to his mum's cooking.

He added to new! magazine: "I love eating Turkish food - I always have delicious shish kebabs and chops when I go to Turkish restaurants - but nothing beats my mum's cooking. I like a lot of her dishes, especially her stir-fries."