Tom Cruise will resume filming on 'Mission: Impossible' films in the UK.

The British government has given the green light for production to resume production on the seventh and eighth instalments of the action franchise, which had been put on hold since March due to the global coronavirus pandemic.

Tom took part in a video call with Culture Secretary Oliver Dowden, who confirmed that filmmakers are exempt from quarantine rules for those arriving from certain countries and explained how it would allow the blockbuster to resume filming at Warner Bros Studios in Leavesden, Hertfordshire.

Dowden wrote on Twitter: ''New exemption from quarantine rules for filmmakers means we can start making the best blockbusters again. Great to talk to Tom Cruise last weekend about getting the cameras rolling again on Mission: Impossible 7.''

The politician added: ''The world's biggest blockbusters and high-end TV shows are made in Britain.

''We want the industry to bounce back and exempting small numbers of essential cast and crew from quarantine is part of our continued commitment to getting cameras rolling safely again.''

Cast and crew on the project will have to operate in a 'bubble' and must only travel to their accommodation and production location - preventing them from going to public places.

Cruise, 58, has been spotted in recent days practicing his motocross skills and flying a helicopter around the Oxfordshire countryside in preparation for a return to the role of Ethan Hunt.

Simon Pegg is also set to reprise his role as Benji Dunn in the upcoming flick and revealed that he is keen to be involved in Cruise's new space project.

The 50-year-old actor said: ''I'd love to go into space, it would be amazing! But you know, you have to also think about your family and safety and stuff.

''Tom never does anything recklessly and all of his stunts are meticulously designed, rehearsed and trained for. If he does it, it will be really safe. So, I don't know, you never know.''