Movie tough man Tom Hardy was overcome with emotion when he received a CBE for his services to drama at Buckingham Palace from Prince Charles. The actor is known for hardman roles but proved quite the softie as he beamed from ear-to-ear with his accolade.

Tom HardyTom Hardy recieved a CBE at Buckingham Palace 

Hardy, 41, became an ambassador for The Prince's Trust in 2010 and is rumoured to be good friends with the Prince of Wales’ son Harry, once calling him a ‘legend’.

Harry turned up at the premiere of Tom's movie Dunkirk and Hardy was invited to Prince Harry’s wedding to Meghan Markle in May - flying in from New Orleans, where he was filming movie Fonzo - but has revealed his relationship with the monarch is ‘deeply private’.

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Hardy has made his name in movies including Legend - where he played both Kray twins - Mad Max: Fury Road, Inception, Bronson and the Revenant, in which he starred alongside Leonardo DiCaprio. He also appeared as Jewish gang leader, Alfie Solomons, in Birmingham-based gang series, Peaky Blinders.

Hardy - who recently celebrated 13 years of sobriety - has previously spoken about his struggles with addiction.

He previously said: "I went entirely off the rails and I’m lucky I didn’t have some terrible accident or end up in prison or dead - because that’s where I was going.

"Now I know my beast and I know how to manage it. It’s like living with a 400lb orang-utan that wants to kill me. It’s much more powerful than me, doesn’t speak the same language and it runs around in the darkness of my soul.

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"I would sell my mother for a rock of crack."

The actor - who is now married to Press actress, Charlotte Riley - explained he became an addict after his film Star Trek: Nemesis flopped in 2002 and he claims his habit cost him his first marriage to Sarah Ward.