Victoria Beckham will open a store in Hong Kong next year.

The 41-year-old fashion designer is thrilled with the success of her first standalone store in London and is now looking to expand internationally.

She said: ''Our next store will be in Hong Kong in the first half of next year, which I am incredibly excited about.''

In her stores, Victoria wants to cater for every level of shopper.

She added to Grazia magazine: ''I've always wanted people to be able to come to the store, whether it was just to browse, look at the architecture, buy a key ring or a full runway look. I have the most phenomenal shop staff.''

The former Spice Girls star is also working on expanding her VVB line, the sister range to her main Victoria Beckham collection.

She explained: ''The VVB collection actually merged with denim this season for the first time as a result of really listening to my customer and understanding that the two categories belong together.''

And to mark the merger, as well as the anniversary of her London store opening, Victoria threw a lavish party last month.

She said: ''It was such a great night. I really wanted to celebrate the first anniversary, the new VVB/denim merge and also to be part of London Fashion Week.

''It's so important to relax and have fun, that night was a perfect time to reflect on everything we've achieved and have fun with friends, family and my fantastic team.''