This year, Lara Croft will be making her return to the big screen in a brand new 'Tomb Raider' movie, from director Roar Uthaug. As the third adaptation for the video game franchise, but with a brand new actress - Alicia Vikander - taking on the lead role, the film will serve as a reboot for the series in the cinematic world, and fans are getting increasingly excited about what's coming their way.

Alicia Vikander stars as Lara CroftAlicia Vikander stars as Lara Croft

Tackling Croft's origin story and basing its narrative off the critically-acclaimed 2013 video game, 'Tomb Raider' will see Lara attempting to put together the pieces of her father's mysterious death, whilst going up against the villainous Mathias Vogel, played by Walton Goggins. The pair will do battle whilst trying to find a tomb that has been hidden for years, and which Vogel has been trying to unearth for the past seven years.

Walton Goggins has given some insight into his 'Tomb Raider' character's motivationsWalton Goggins has given some insight into his 'Tomb Raider' character's motivations

The years that have gone by have taken a heavy toll on Vogel, and he's now willing to do anything to see his mission completed.

Speaking with IGN, Goggins teased of his character's ambitions: "I suppose his vendetta, if there is one, really comes from anger and frustration at the last seven years of his life, at the mundane kind of aspect of his life, which is looking for this tomb, you know? He’s wasted his life and has missed his family, looking for this thing that Lara Croft’s father had the coordinates for."

He adds that we first meet the character "literally on a Wednesday of the longest week of his life."

The best villains are those whom we can really understand and even relate to, and somebody who's been failing to reach their goals for seven years now is certainly somebody that audiences will be able to empathise with. Still, Lara is the hero of this film, and so the public will of course be hoping the chips fall on her side, and she discovers exactly what she's searching for.

With 'The Trinity' also confirmed to have a presence in the film however, Croft's journey will certainly be one of the most challenging she'll ever face.

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'Tomb Raider' comes to cinemas across the UK on March 16, 2018.