The Ghost star's comedy gig at the Casino New Brunswick in Moncton was cut short over the weekend after a blaze broke out on her tour bus while she was onstage, but the actress, who is recovering from a bad cold, reveals she initially had no idea why people were heading for the exits before she had completed the final part of her show.

Recalling the series of events on Monday's (26Oct15) episode of her U.S. talk show The View, she explained, "Here's what happened: I was doing my show, it came to the end of it, then there's a Q&A (question and answer session).

"I saw people leaving and I thought, 'Uh oh, I've said something that's really offensive', cause people were leaving in droves and I couldn't figure out what was happening, 'cause I still am sick so I can't smell anything, so I couldn't smell the smoke! So I see people leaving and I'm thinking, 'What is happening? What is going on? Did somebody die? What the hell?!' And here comes this big (security) guy who comes and says, 'Your bus is on fire...' I said (to the remaining audience), 'I'm gonna go, thank you for coming to the show, my bus is on fire. See ya!'"

No one was injured in the incident and firefighters were able to put out the flames to save the bus from being completely destroyed.

Whoopi continued, "I'm fine, the bus... it's not fine, it has to be repaired, but the guys who were driving me, thank God they were able to save the bus and the... fire department came like that (immediately) and helped put this fire out so I just wanted to say thank you..."

Authorities believe the fire was caused by an electrical fault, and Whoopi admits they were lucky the flames broke out while the bus was parked at the venue.

She added, "They can fix the old bus, but the thing about it is from where the hotel is to the (venue), there's nothing, so if it had gone up (in flames) five minutes from where I was, we would not have been able to put the fire out. We would not have been able to communicate with the fire department."