Ben Dorcy has spent over six decades working with stars like John Wayne, Johnny Cash, Elvis Presley, Patsy Cline and Nelson, becoming the first inductee into the Roadie Hall of Fame.

And now Amy Nelson and her filmmaker cousin Trevor Doyle Nelson are chronicling his colourful life in a new movie, King of the Roadies, which is narrated by her dad.

Willie tells Rolling Stone magazine, "I saw some of it and it's really good. I'm really proud of Amy and Trevor for doing it. Ben's my old buddy. We've been together for a long time and I'm glad to see him get a little recognition."

Amy adds, "He has no living relatives, yet he is the patriarch of a family of artists, and fellow roadies who love him dearly. They call him Lovey and he calls them Lovey. Despite all odds, he shows up to work on tour after tour after tour.

"Ben was a part of my family before I was. He met my dad in the 60s when they were both working for Ray Price. Dad was the bass player; Ben was the roadie. And they became good friends. When Dad's solo career took off, he took Ben with him."

The fundraising campaign concludes on 20 June (15), when the filmmakers hope to have raised enough to complete production of King of the Roadies later this year (15).