Zara Larsson feels ''more confident'' in herself.

The 19-year-old singer has admitted she feels she has to ''speak up'' in the music industry because she believes it's ''easy to feel pushed down'' and oppressed by males, and the blonde beauty is desperate to make her music do the talking and not be judged on her appearance.

Speaking to the Daily Star newspaper, she said: ''You really have to speak up - that's why I say what I think. I'm brave enough to say how it is for once.

''I feel more confident in myself, but it's easy to feel pushed down - especially by those older men in the industry.

''We'll need to put a focus on the music rather than women's looks - what they're wearing or how they're moving.''

Although the 'Never Forget You' hitmaker has vowed to be more vocal, she has admitted it is ''really scary'' for her to speak her mind.

She explained: ''''If they want to be sexy, let them be sexy. I've learned to speak up and say what I feel.

''It's really scary to throw your feelings out there to people who you've met for the first time, but it's like f*** it, just do it.''