The Box office response to I, Frankenstein has mirrored the critics. The film has failed on its opening day to inspire audiences in the US and, despite expectations from the film's studio and producers, failed to reach the top of the US Box Office Chart on Friday (24th January). 

I, Frankenstein, which opened on Friday, gained $2.8 million and it looks as though it may struggle to meet its $68 million production cost. It does appear surprising as the film boasts an expert special effects team and a strong cast. However critics were unimpressed with the film's script and the poor acting evident throughout. 

Aaron Eckhart
Aaron Eckhart stars in I, Frankenstein.

Aaron Eckhart stars in the action-horror as Frankenstein's monster, Adam. The classic figure has been transported, by the creators of Underworld, to an alternative present where two supernatural clans battled for supremacy. Unfortunately for those involved in the making of I, Frankenstein, critics have failed to see the merit in such an adaptation. One reviewer scathingly wrote I, Frankenstein is "a ridiculous good-versus-evil story enrobed in a pastiche of religious symbolism and stodgy mythology and set in a world created in a computer special effects lab."

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Ride Along, which stars Kevin Hart and Ice Cube, grossed over $6 million on Friday alone, over double that of its undead contemporary. Lone Survivor, starring Mark Wahlberg, remained firmly at the top, gaining second place and grossing $3.6 million. The remainder of the top ten is made up of big blockbusters with large casts, these none movers include Jack Ryan (4), American Hustle (7), The Wolf of Wall Street (8) and August: Osage County (9). 

I, Frankenstein is released in the UK next week (29th January), we will have to wait and see if the film does as poorly here as it has, so far, in the US. 

Kevin Hart
Kevin Hart's Ride Along is number 1 in the box office chart.