Christmas is, to most people, a time of joy, happiness and goodwill to all. But to some, it's an over-commercialised excuse to get drunk and spend a sickening amount of money, and the so-called Christmas spirit is simply non-existent. If you happened to be the latter, wishy-washy holiday movies like 'Miracle on 34th Street' and 'It's a Wonderful Life' probably aren't your thing - but that doesn't mean you have to shun the festivities altogether. 

For all you cynics out there, here's a list of movies that will convince you to block up your chimney - because the Santas here are not ones you want to visit you on Christmas Eve.

Rare ExportsSanta's awake, and he's not in the mood for Christmas cheer

1. Rare Exports: A Christmas Tale - Scandinavian horrors are always pretty legendary, and this Finnish ambush of a traditional Christmas story is no exception. So the original Santa Claus isn't really a friendly old man who brings gifts to well-behaved children, like in the newly released 'Krampus' he's a monstrous being who kidnaps the kids of the town when he is awoken from his icy grave by some reindeer herders. Go figure. 

Watch the trailer for 'Rare Exports' here:

2. Krampus - This year's holiday favourite starring Adam Scott topped the box office on its opening day and came second overall at the weekend beaten only by 'The Hunger Games'. It's based on a European folkloric tale about the antithesis of Father Christmas; a demonic creature who punishes the children on Santa's 'Naughty' list. It gives a whole new terrifying significance to the lyrics of 'Santa Claus Is Coming To Town'.

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Adam Scott in KrampusAdam Scott better get away from that chimney

3. Gremlins - It's not always Santa you've got to be afraid of, however; sometimes it's what he brings as gifts. When one boy receives an adorable Mogwai name Gizmo as a pet, all he has to do is remember three things in order to take care of it. Naturally, all three rules get broken and all hell breaks loose. There's a good reason this 1984 hit is on every Christmas.

GremlinsMaybe a puppy would make a better present than a Mogwai...

4. Santa Claws - We're talking about the 1996 slasher not the 2014 movie about kittens. It's directed by the co-writer of George A. Romero's 'Night of the Living Dead', John A. Russo, and sees a murderer dressed as Santa killing the colleagues of his idol and neighbour, Scream Queen Raven Quinn. You won't want to take your kids to see a guy in a Santa outfit this Christmas after watching this movie.

Santa ClawsBeware of axe-wielding Santa impersonators...

5. Silent Night, Deadly Night - This cult 80s slasher was followed up by a sequel in 2003, and it's a fairly similar plotline to 'Santa Claws'. A murderer sets out on a killing spree dressed as Father Christmas, though this time it's a revenge attack having been abused by the Mother Superior at the orphanage he grew up in.

Silent Night, Deadly Night...Seriously, they're everywhere

6. Black Christmas - Directed by the Primetime Emmy nominated executive producer of 'The X Files', Glen Morgan, this 2006 slasher is a loose re-make of the 1974 horror of the same time and stars the likes of Katie Cassidy from 'Arrow', 'Gossip Girl' actress Michelle Trachtenberg and 'The Returned''s Mary Elizabeth Winstead as ill-fated sorority sisters who really shouldn't be on campus this Christmas.

Black ChristmasIt's slasher season for one sorority in 'Black Christmas'

7. The Children - A family gathering in an isolated country home at Christmas sounds like something out of a fairytale, but it's asking for trouble. Again, it's not Santa you've got to watch out for; many people get sick during the winter months but the kids in this movie have contracted something a lot worse than flu.

The ChildrenThis winter sickness will affect the whole family

8. Santa's Slay - Another punny horror flick, this one sees a serial killer Santa portrayed by pro wrestler Bill Goldberg. This history of this jolly fat man is another twisted story; he's essentially the Antichrist who was sentenced to deliver presents at Christmas for a 1000 years. But that millennium is up come 2005, and the 'The Day of Slaying' beings again.

Santa's Slay'Tis the season to be brutally slaughtered by Bill Goldberg

9. Sint - Europe strikes again with 'Sint', a movie that suggests you should consider yourself lucky if you make it to Christmas Day. Barely has Advent begun than the evil bishop St. Nicholas (Sinterklaas) comes to slaughter all the children during the full moon on December 5th. Keeping the secret of this brutal haunting gets more and more difficult for the Church with each time the full moon appears on this date. 

SintYou'll be lucky to make it to Christmas with 'Sint'

10. The Nightmare Before Christmas - Ok, so it's hardly a Christmas horror movie, but this Tim Burton classic is a must-see for both children and adults. Jack Skellington becomes disillusioned with Halloween Town and discovers Christmas Town. However, his attempt to bring Yuletide joy to his neighbours doesn't go to plan - after all, most monsters don't find happiness in snow and fairylights.

The Nightmare Before ChristmasDisney brings the festivities to Halloween Town