More than 100 audience members are said to have walked out of a recording of Alan Carr’s ‘Chatty Man’ earlier this week, when controversial ‘I'm A Celebrity’ contestant Lady Colin Campbell sat down for her interview. Lady C has divided public opinion since her appearance in the jungle, where she exited on Day 17.

Alan CarrAudience members are said to have walked out of a ‘Chatty Man’ recording which featured Lady C as a guest.

An insider told The Daily Star, "They clearly did not want to stay and listen to her. She divided opinion in the jungle and it is obvious she still annoys people now. It was very embarrassing.”

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Members of the production team are said to have had to fill the seats left empty after the walk-out. But a rep for Channel 4 told The Mirror that the walk-out was by One Direction fans, who had only attended the taping to see the boyband.

"It's a long recording and Lady C was on towards the end. There were some audience members who were there specifically to see One Direction and when they left their seats were filled” The rep added that there had been no problems during the interview and that Lady C had been "very funny”.

During the interview Lady C did not hold back when talking about her jungle rival Duncan Bannatyne, even insulting his manhood. “I couldn’t believe that anyone with so little to flaunt would flaunt it," she told Carr.

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"I felt sorry. He had on underpants that were very sheer and lightweight. It was like one teensy-weensy little peanut in a husk with two shelled peanuts on either side.” ‘Chatty Man’ airs tonight (December 11th) at 10pm on Channel 4.