Alicia Vikander has become ''more gentle and nicer'' to herself.

The 31-year-old actress - who is married to movie star Michael Fassbender - was tough on herself during her younger years, but she's gradually mellowed in recent times.

Alicia shared: ''I've finally started to be a bit more gentle and nicer to myself.

''I want to do all these things, and I want to progress and I want to be clever and smart and to learn. But I think when you're in your twenties it's hard, because you're trying to find out who you are.''

Alicia has always been eager to learn new things and visit new places.

But the acclaimed actress admits her approach to life can be unhealthy at times.

She said: ''It's part of my personality, that if I have four days off then I want to use them to do something, to explore this new country or see these things. I want to use the time and I think that's maybe not the healthiest way of living sometimes.''

Alicia's dad is a psychiatrist and his voice was ''ringing'' in her head amid the coronavirus lockdown.

She told the October issue of Elle UK magazine: ''I've struggled with a lot of both anxiety and stress over the years.

''My dad's always said, 'You know, Alicia, it takes three weeks for your body to know that you've stopped and you're about to relax.' His voice has been ringing in the back of my head several times [during lockdown].''

The actress actually found being bored amid the lockdown to be a ''lovely'' experience.

Asked if she now intends to change her approach to life, Alicia said: ''I think it's OK to work a lot, then take off three or four weeks a year ... I'll take up my dad's three-week rule and try to take a chunk of time at some point to recharge and bring myself back to zero.''