André Leon Talley is the new face of UGG.

The former US Vogue editor-at-large was snapped outside his home in White Plains, New York donning a red puffer coat and a pair of UGG’s Neuman and Tasman styles for the latest campaign after being spotted at a number of the brand's fashion shows.

He told WWD: “They contacted me, and I said, ‘Why not?’ It’s a fun thing to do."

UGG launched its ongoing series 'Feel' last September which features "industry icons" to share their personal stories of their lives and what fuels their creativity.

For Talley, he finds inspiration in his need for knowledge through the "arts".

He explained: “It’s my thirst for a sense of beauty, in the arts, literature, fashion, books, movies, cinema, great directors, great actors, great musicians, painters, everything."

The 72-year-old fashion journalist revealed he kept himself inspired and entertained throughout the coronavirus lockdown by indulging in new books and television series.

He added: "One simply looks for new books or things to read or see on television. I try to read something every day from a book. I try to read several books at a time.”

Meanwhile, Talley previously revealed he was terrified of Karl Lagerfeld.

The author gave a less than flattering portrayal of the late legendary Chanel creative director in his book 'The Chiffon Trenches', but admitted he never would have spoken out if Karl - who passed away in 2019 - was still alive.

He said last year: "I would never have talked about this while Karl was alive, out of respect for him and fear of his reprisals.

"He could have decimated my reputation in fashion."