Review of Dart for my Sweetheart Single by Archie Bronson Outfit

Archie Bronson Outfit
Dart for my Sweetheart
Single Review

Archie Bronson Outfit Dart for my Sweetheart Single

British outfit Archie Bronson Outfit release new single Dart for my Sweetheart on 27th February and is taken from new album Derdnag Derdang. This actually puts me in mind of Scottish outfit Sons and Daughters, its good but it may take a few listens to actually appreciate it. This isn't fast or upbeat more kind of melancholy but not wrist slitting music. This perhaps wont be to everyone's liking but once you get over the initial uncertainty of what type of music it is, it will grow on you. Its similar to Radiohead but without as distinctive a sound. With the band currently on tour and a new album being released, things sound encouraging for the band. Although a promising sound it does take some getting use to,


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