Aloe Blacc is waiting to hear if his unreleased collaborations with the late Avicii can be released. 

The 'I Need Dollar' hitmaker and the DJ - who tragically died in April 2018 at the age of 28 - recorded the song 'SOS' together, which was released on the Swedish producer's posthumous LP 'Tim' in 2019, while Aloe also co-wrote and performed lead vocals on the EDM star's 2013 mega-hit 'Wake Me Up'. 

And Aloe has revealed there were more tracks they worked on together, some not complete, and he's asked the necessary people whether any of the material can be shared with the world. 

Speaking to the Daily Star newspaper's Wired column, the 42-year-old musician said: "I have a few tracks but I am not certain if his record label or family will release them, it's really up to them but some songs are finished and some are not.

 "The hard part is, if it's not finished, how can you finish it if he can't give his final blessing?

"I am just leaving it in the hands of the people that can make those decisions." 

Aloe previously spoke about losing Avicii - whose real name was Tim Bergling - and how he's always reminded of the great piece of advice he once gave him about the importance of melody.

He said last year: "What I really came to respect about what he was passionate about is making sure that, while he trusted me with my lyrics and my vocal melody, he would also create a melody that would stand alone.

 "So, if you're familiar with a song like 'Wake Me Up', you have a lyric that you could sing.

 "But if you take away the lyrics you also have a musical melody that he introduces.

 "And that's just as important as any other part of the song. I think about that every time I'm in a session with producers."