Few people are aware that Paris Hilton even has a little brother, let alone that Baron (which is what Paris’ bro is called) has a feud going on with Lindsay Lohan. Well, at least he has an unresolved incident involving Lohan’s bodyguard. TMZ first reported that the younger Hilton sibling was jumped and beaten on Friday. According to sources for the gossip website, on the night of the attack Barron attended a party at a Miami mansion, where Lohan was staying during a local art festival. The conflict reportedly began when several people overheard the Hilton “talking smack” about Lindsay.

Barron Hilton, LAX
Barron claims it was LiLo who ordered the attack.

The reports get muddled from that point onwards, but Barron was attacked and had his nose smashed later that night. A photo obtained by TMZ confirms this version of events. Meanwhile, Lohan is denying not only being behind the attack, but even being present in the house at the time. The video obtained by TMZ does show Lohan talking to Hilton on the night, but she does appear to be getting in a car to drive away.

Paris Hilton, Barron Hilton
This might put a strain on the fragile truce between Lohan and the Hiltons.

After Barron posted a photo of the damage on his instagram, big sister Paris came to the rescue. She and Lohan have had their differences in the past, but everything was reportedly in the past by 2011. This latest incident, however, might serve to kick start the feud right back up again.

Barron looked more than a little roughed up after the incident.