Bastille frontman Dan Smith has been working with Lewis Capaldi on his new album.

The 'Pompeii' hitmaker - whose band took the 'Someone You Loved' singer on tour in 2019 - has been writing with the 25-year-old star on new material, and he's excited to see what Lewis does next.

He told The Sun newspaper's Bizarre column: "I did some writing with him and it was really great to see him.

"Obviously he has had the most amazing time and I think he is just taking his time writing lots of music and living his life.

"We f****** love Lewis and we're so proud of everything he's done all over the world. It's exciting to see what he's going to do next."

Dan has also been writing a track with Rihanna in mind, but he doesn't think the 'Diamond' star will end up using it.

He added: "I imagine with that project, they heard and work on so much music and will just know when it's right.

"There was a minute last year where I thought I'd done it. But I don't think it's happened."

Meanwhile, Dan and his bandmates Kyle Simmons, Will Farquarson and Chris Wood have an MTV Unplugged special set to air at 9pm on December 3, and as well as teasing some guest performers for the show - which was filmed weeks ago - he opened up on what fans can expect.

He said: "We saw it as a new challenge and tried to nod to each album that we've made, the mixtapes and some covers.

"The whole thing made us think about the music we will be making in the future. We're about to release an album ['Give Me The Future' in February 2022] which is very electronic, thinking about the future and technology.

"So in and amongst that, to have this two-week break - to go in the opposite direction and only play acoustic instruments - was an interesting counterpoint to everything we've been up to."