Benedict Cumberbatch is hot property right not. His portrayal of Sherlock Holmes bought him a ticket to Hollywood, and now that he’s played Julian Assange – a celebrated turn in a disappointing film – every move he makes is closely followed by a headline or two.

Little Favour poster
The poster for Little Favour

But such is his desire to involve himself in both indie and mainstream projects, it comes as no surprise that a short film – however high profile – will be hitting iTunes on November 5th.

The story follows a familiar plotline: Wallace (Cumberbatch) plays an emotionally wounded ex-soldier, desperately trying to move on the horrors he saw on the battlefield.

Benedict CumberbatchBenedict Cumberbatch in Little Favour

Having finally escaped the military, he is approached by James (Colin Salmon) who asked a favour of him. Unable to turn him down – James saved his life – Wallace soon finds out this favour isn’t your standard solid.

“I’m really proud to be a part of Little Favour. Not only because the results of the work we all put in are fantastic, but mostly because we all came together out of sheer goodwill and generosity for a cause we believe in – namely Patrick Monroe and his second outing as a director and writer,” said Cumberbatch.

Nick MoranNick Moran in Little Favour

“What was truly astonishing was the level of response and expertise and generosity we received from nearly every level of the film industry to make this idea a reality. The title soon became an ironic contrast to the huge favours that were being done in every department and the hours being put in,” he added.


Watch the teaser trailer for Little Favour

Cumberbatch’s Assange was possibly the only strong point in what was a critically mauled effort. He also won plaudits playing Khan (or not) in Star Trek: Into Darkness, and is being lauded for his role in what critics are calling the film of the year, 12 Years a Slave.

Colin SalmonColin Salmon needs a Little Favour

Little FavourAnd it looks like it might be a dangerous one