Big Sean has wanted to ''give up on life'' in recent years.

The 32-year-old rap star has taken to Twitter to discuss his recent experiences of mental health problems, revealing he's been ''wanting to kill [himself]'' at times.

Discussing the lessons he learned while working on his new album 'Detroit 2', he wrote: ''I don't feel like this currently, but I had never gone through wanting to kill myself, give up on my life until the past few years and I didn't realize how important it was to embrace the ups n downs of life and enjoy (in joy) taking active steps to better it. it's the Journey!

''I thought doing what I loved would always make me happy and satisfied, so when I got tired of it, I was confused and it drove me insane.

''Later i realized I was just growing n had to gain a new mentality and foundation on many levels n re-discover my passion! And try new things..

''That's the hardest thing I've ever had to learn how to do, I pray if and when it happens to you, you just hold on to your faith!

''You may discover more passions if it's meant to be as well. Not sure if we are only meant to do one thing in life, who knows for sure... (sic)''

The 'Single Again' hitmaker's comments come after he recently spoke candidly about his experiences as a black man in America, admitting he ''doesn't feel equal''.

The rap star said in a video on social media: ''So you want to talk about land of equality and freedom?

''I don't feel equal and I don't feel free. Of course let's speak up and be heard, but things have to change.''

The 'Mercy' star reflected on the history of discrimination in the US, insisting the country has a ''racist foundation''.

He added: ''Our ancestors built this country for free, OK? So I'm just talking from the heart right now but one of my biggest issues is that ... this current government, and country, is built on a racist foundation.

''A lot of us know this. You want to talk about systemic oppression, you want to talk about the justice system being targeted to people that look like me.''