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17th January 2017

Tweet: "There's a loud wedding party going on beneath my room at hotel. I wish the happy couple well, but who gets married on a Tuesday?" Touring singer/songwriter Billy Bragg is caught out by a wedding.

9th July 2013

Tweet: "In May 1976 I saw the Stones live for the first time at Earls Court and 10 days later saw The Who at Charlton... Now, nine days after watching the Stones at Glasto (Glastonbury) with my son, we are about to see The Who at Wembley Arena." Singer/songwriter Billy Bragg is reliving a couple of magical moments from his youth with his son.

24th January 2013

Fact: Singer/songwriter Billy Bragg is to be honoured at the upcoming BBC Radio 2 Folk Awards in Scotland for his contribution to traditional music. The New England star will be the 2013 recipient of the Roots Award at the event, which will be held in Glasgow, Scotland on 30 January (13). Fiddle player Aly Bain, Roy Harper and songwriter Dougie MACLean will be handed lifetime achievement awards.

26th November 2012

Tweet: "As a Hammer, glad to see West Ham Utd moving swiftly to ban fans found guilty of chanting anti-Semitic abuse at Spurs match." Singer/songwriter Billy Bragg glad officials at his beloved West Ham United have taken action against fans caught using anti-Jewish words at Sunday's (25Nov12) game against London rivals Tottenham Hotspur.

5th October 2012

Fact: Singer/songwriter Billy Bragg has been chosen to give the second annual John Peel Lecture at next month's (Nov12) Radio Festival 2012 in England. Bragg will follow last year's keynote speech on music by The Who's Pete Townshend.

20th April 2012

Tweet: "Just noticed that I've passed 100,000 followers in the twittersphere. Should we have a parade or something?" British folk star Billy Bragg on his feat.

24th February 2012

Fact: British folk rocker Billy Bragg's New England tune has been picked as the English rugby team's latest anthem as the squad prepares for Six Nations tournament clashes with Wales and Ireland.

17th November 2011

Tweet: "I shall be playing a couple of songs at Occupy Leeds in City Square midday tomorrow Friday." Billy Bragg plans to follow his Occupy performance with Tom Morello last week (ends11Nov11) in London with another show in northern England.

14th October 2011

Fact: Singer/songwriter and activist Billy Bragg will be part of Saturday's (15Oct11) Occupy the London Stock Exchange rally outside St. Paul's Cathedral. The protest is London's version of the Occupy Wall Street events in New York over the past three weeks.

7th July 2011

Tweet: "Every time I sit down to rewrite the lyrics to It Says Here this week something else happens and I have to change them again." Singer/songwriter Billy Bragg is forever updating the lyrics to his anti-U.K. tabloid tune following the News of The World's illegal phone-tapping scandal.

24th June 2011

Tweet: "Morning chorus U2 soundchecking in the distance or at least their roadies amping it up." Billy Bragg wakes up in style on Friday (24Jun11) at the Glastonbury festival.

26th April 2011

Tweet: "Poly Styrene made a truly original contribution to the spirit of punk." Billy Bragg pays tribute to punk icon Poly Styrene, who lost her battle with cancer on Monday (25Apr11).

25th June 2010

Tweet: "Sitting round a campfire under a full Moon at Glastonbury at midnight." Billy Bragg is enjoying the first night of Britain's bigest music festival.

28th August 2009

Fact: Billy Bragg will stage the North American premiere of his revamp of Ode to Joy, the chorale finale of Beethoven’s Ninth Symphony, in Santa Monica, California on Saturday (29Aug09). Bragg rewrote the lyrics to the choral favourite - originally based on Friedrich Schiller's 1786 poem An die Freude. The piece debuted at London's Royal Festival Hall in 2007. This will be it's third performance.

28th October 2005

Fact: <p>British singer/songwriter Billy Bragg has co-written three new tunes with patients facing life-threatening illnesses as part of a project known as Rosetta Requiem. The tunes have been released as downloads via internet site iTunes. </p>

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